Thursday, February 23, 2006

Changing the Constitution

30 years ago the state of Montana decided that their constitution need to be changed and upgraded. So they chose a gold star group of dedicated citizens, who after considerable effort, came up with a new constitution, one of the finest of all the 50 states… Since the present group of neocons has destroyed our present constitution, I propose that we make Constitutional changes that will insure that this will never happen again……..

No one would hire someone for an important position who was not qualified. The office of the President, of the federal Legislature, and of the various Governorships is too important to entrust to someone who is not qualified or who is dishonest. Therefore, we need a system of qualifying candidates, the best way would be to create a federal college that all persons wishing to run for the major offices would have to attend graduate from.
Upon graduation they would be qualified to run for office and their campaigns would be wholly funded by the state.
This would insure the quality of the candidates, and at the same time would take the money out of politics……….no more of the present system of bribery…….

More to come

Thursday, August 04, 2005

How to guarantee votes are counted accurately

It would be best to allow the voter to sit down in the booth.
The voter is provided with a system that is both paper ballot and touch screen.
The paper ballot is an exact duplicate of the video screen and rests on the touch screen in a manner that the selections are juxtaposed one over the other, so that when the paper ballot is marked the touch screen will be activated to correspond.
The voter is provided with a headset that will read off the vote as it is made, and provide additional instructions. If a mistake is made, the instructions will allow the voter to correct it right away, (for instance if two candidates are selected for the same position, a different colored marker would be used to indicate the true selection).
When the ballot is completed, all of the voter’s selections are read back to the voter, at the same time a printout appears in a window. If the voter agrees that this indeed is his vote, the vote is recorded and the paper printout is given the voter along with a paper that lists the accumulated total thus far of all the voting, which would insure against hanky panky in the tabulating….
All the paper ballots are saved against any protests………….

Tuesday, August 02, 2005


bush was a legacy at all of his post high schools. His grades are a reflection of the fact that legacies never get lower grades than bush did. He could have learned something and he chose not. This is a true measure of his stupidity.
A better measure of his intelligence is his score when tested for admission to the Texas National Guard. It was 25, or so, out of 100, the lowest of the 500 candidates - this when just out of Yale...... Yale should be ashamed..........